Updated Shelter In Place Order: What Does It Mean For You?

Effective June 8, 2020 and valid until replaced, amended, or rescinded: Health Officer Order with updated Shelter-in-Place guidelines for Alameda County.

This order continues to maintain restrictions on movement and public and private gatherings set forth in the Health Officer’s May 18, 2020 Shelter in Place Order. However, in light of the continued progress toward controlling the spread of COVID-19 in the County of Alameda and neighboring jurisdictions, this Order allows certain additional business, recreational, social, and cultural activities to resume.

  • Childcare and camps are permitted for all children, not just children of essential workers, and establishes conditions under which youth extracurricular activities may resume.
  • Small outdoor gatherings are permitted for people belonging to the same Social Bubble.
    • Social Bubble is defined as a group of 12 or fewer people from different households
    • A Social Bubble should be maintained for a minimum of 3 weeks
    • Participation is restricted to only that one Social Bubble at a time
    • Face coverings should still be worn
  • Small outdoor gatherings are permitted for Childcare or Youth Extracurricular Activity Units (CYE Activity Unit).
    • A CYE Activity Unit is defined as a group of 12 or fewer children and adults, formed for the purpose of providing childcare or extracurricular activities for youth
    • A CYE Activity Unit should be maintained for a minimum of 3 weeks
    • Participation is restricted to only one Activity Unit at a time
  • People/families may engage in only one Social Bubble and only one CYE Activity Unit at the same time.
  • All Bubble and Activity Unit participants should practice social distancing and wear face coverings to the extent possible.
  • Educational institutions may resume career internship and pathways programs.
  • Appendix A, previously known as the Social Distancing Protocol, has been replaced with a Site Specific Protection Plan Template.
    • All Businesses and organizations allowed to operate under the Order are required to develop and comply with the elements of a Site Specific Protection Plan.
  • Clarifications from previous order:
    • Libraries may open for curbside pickup of books and other media; this is a clarification from the last order
    • Certain business providing services with limited person-to-person contact, including dog walkers, and pet grooming services, may resume operations.
  • Businesses and activities authorized under previous orders may continue.
  • Public or private indoor gatherings other than those within a Social Bubble or CYE Activity Unit, and non-essential travel remain prohibited.
  • Everyone should continue to stay and work at home as much as possible, wear a face covering outside their home, and stay at least six feet away from people outside their household.
  • Where there are differences between the local Health Officer’s order and the State’s order, the stricter restrictions apply.