Pilot Program to Permit RVs on Vacant Residential Lots

To help alleviate the housing crisis and proliferation of RVs on Oakland streets, Councilmember Loren Taylors has partnered with Council President Rebecca Kaplan to introduce a pilot program that allows owners of vacant residential properties to host a single RV unit on their property. The intent is to:
  1. Incentivize the removal of RVs from the public right of way – addressing the homeless situation
  2. Allow property owners to activate their vacant parcels and avoid the vacant parcel tax on that property
To be eligible, the property owner must apply for a permit each year. This permit can be revoked if the property owner or tenant are not compliant with the health, safety, blight, and nuisance laws that all residential property owners are subject to. Requirements include:
  • Only one RV per site
  • Only permitted in the residential zones
  • All utilities must be provided to the site including electricity, water, sewage collection, and garbage pickup service
  • Noise ordinance and smell ordinance apply
  • Fire safety and egress requirements are the same as for a residential lot with a permanent structure

Common Questions

The City is managing a permit process and those permits are public record, permits must be renewed annually.

Lot must be zoned for residential use.

This will be managed the same way that we ensure a property with a house on it is maintained. This is a complaint driven system where after being alerted, the city’s code enforcement office comes in to assess, provide fines, and levy fees/penalties – including the possible revocation of the permit which will not allow the RV to exist there any longer.