OAK 311 is here to help you with requests for routine maintenance and urgent infrastructure issues.

What is OAK 311?

It’s a service to make it easier for Oaklanders to report problems and request infrastructure maintenance. This service is designed to make it easier than it’s ever been for residents to request the City’s help with issues including potholes in their streets, graffiti on their neighborhood public spaces, and piles of dumping left on their sidewalks. it can also be used for urgent infrastructure issues such as downed sign, traffic signal outage, flooding, sewer overflow, and fallen trees or branches.

Oaklanders have 4 different ways to reach OAK 311:

  • Phone: Call 311 from any phone within Oakland. If you are calling from outside Oakland, dial (510) 615-5566.
  • E-mail: OAK311@oaklandnet.com
  • Web: 311.oaklandca.gov
  • App: The OAK 311 is available for free for Apple and Android smart devices. Open the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android) on your mobile device and search for “Oak 311.”

View OAK 311 Service Request information

Interactive Charts: Click here to review the number and category of requests that have been made through OAK 311 since 2010.

Service Request Map: See all open OAK 311 service requests here. You can view details such as when the service request was made, the location, request details, and if the request was Acknowledged by the City of Oakland.