A Successful July 4th Neighborhood Cleanup Event

“We dream of having a clean house — but who dreams of actually doing the cleaning?”

– Marcus Buckingham

The Havenscourt Neighborhood Association has its second cleanup event on Saturday, July 4th. Neighbors from the Havenscourt community (and even some from outside the community) put on their face masks, gloves, and superhero capes and helped clean up the area of Havenscourt and Bancroft, all the way to Church Street up to Foothill.  Our un-housed neighbors also helped out on 68th. We were able to talk to some of our commercial neighbors as well and ask that they provide trash cans in front of their businesses and we have some folks who were driving by stop to join in the fun!.

We had a great time with over 15 full bags of litter (and several tires) at the end of the 2-hour event. Special thanks to Carla Bass and Regina Palmore for their hard work and donating their vehicles to  carry bags of garbage around. And another larger thank you to board co-chair, Jason Frost, for getting our group t-shirts printed and hosting an amazing post-event BBQ at his home! Councilman Loren Taylor also showed up at the BBQ to provide some updates that we will be sharing soon. Stay tuned!

See before and after cleanup photos, as well as some pics from the BBQ below!

It truly does take a community to make things happen!

Interested in getting involved? Join the Beautification Action Team and help beautify our wonderful neighborhood! Click here to sign up today.

Our next clean up event will be on Saturday, July 11 from 10am – noon. Click here to learn more and come out and participate!