Havenscourt Action Teams, or HATs, are groups of interested community members with a passion for improving specific aspects of Havenscourt.

There are currently 4 different HATs looking for team members.

Beautification HAT

Focuses on tree planting, neighborhood cleanup, and other beautification efforts. This HAT’s projects would include things like:

  1. Managing and promoting our monthly neighborhood cleanups and block cleanups
  2. Working to commission utility box paintings & mural art
  3. Beautifying Bancroft medians & planting trees

Civic Engagement HAT

Focuses on land use, code, and neighborhood planning. This HAT’s projects would include things like:

  1. Locating owners of abandoned properties, lots, homes, and businesses
  2. Assisting renters who are dealing with slumlords
  3. Participating in the Business Improvement Objective

Event & Membership Action HAT

Focuses on organizing and managing community-building events and projects. This HAT’s projects would include things like:

  1. Building & retaining membership
  2. Welcoming new Havenscourt neighbors via mailers, door hangers, and on Nextdoor
  3. Coordinating block parties, National Night Out, and fundraiser events

Safety HAT

Focuses on crime, traffic, parking, and liaising with the Beat 30X neighborhood crime prevention council (NCPC). This HAT’s projects would include things like:

  1. Safe Streets in Havenscourt (speed bumps, stop signs, barriers, potholes and bike lanes)
  2. Neighborhood/Merchant Watch Referral
  3. Identifying priorities for the Beat 30x NCPC

Join A Havenscourt Action Team

If you have an interest joining a HAT, please reach out! We’d love to have your help.

Email us and let us know which HAT(s) you’re interested in.

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